Want to help your customers who may be struggling with eczema or psoriasis?


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You provide the location and Krysta will provide the information! 

Whether you have a supplement store, a natural skin care products store, or even a metaphysical store, you likely have customers who are struggling with eczema or psoriasis. Krysta is passionate about helping people with those skin conditions and we can work together to provide them with the products and 1:1 support needed to get lasting results.

Online and in-person workshops around the topic of "Harnessing the Power of the Microbiome to Clear Eczema or Psoriasis." You provide the attendees and location and Krysta provides the information.

Krysta utilizes a multifaceted approach that includes food as medicine, supplements, testing, household and person product swaps, positivity and affirmations, and getting out in nature.

Product Support is where you come in! Depending on the products you provide, Krysta will be sure to mention to go to your store and buy some items that will serve them on their journey to clear skin.

If you are a medical professional looking to refer your patients to Krysta for extra support on their journey, please reach out by email!