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The endless creams and lotions, the biologics, the immunosuppressant's, the bleach baths, the light therapy, the special shampoo, the information overload! (I could go on) You may feel like you have tried ALL THE THINGS.
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A Personal Invitation:

Hey! I’m Krysta Harcus. A certified Functional Nutritionist and ex-eczema sufferer turned skin condition wizard.

I help adults clear eczema and psoriasis using food as medicine and highlighting the mind-body connection so that they can take their life off hold and live their dreams!
As the creator of the Ditch Itchy Skin Method, I have taken years of research, education and certification as a Functional Nutritionist and condensed it all into a faster, holistic solution to your eczema or psoriasis.
If you are committed to finally getting off the roller coaster of flares and frustration, then I can't wait to help you get there in a way shorter time frame than it took me!
In health and happiness,
Krysta Harcus, mbgFNG
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